Let Them Dress Like a Princess At The Hardware Store

When I got into this whole parenting gig I had a few rules. My vehicles would stay clean, and my kids would eat what I ate, and sleep when I slept, and never, I repeat, never go to the store in a costume with the exception of Halloween.

But then I had kids, and my vehicles looks like the garbage truck hit a rummage sale, my kids look at my meals like they are a hate crime, and I don’t think they actually sleep (not that I’m aware of anyway). And when it comes to costumes, well, this is me at the hardware store with my daughter dressed as Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Like all parents, I’ve had to eat my words a million times, but the thing is, I told Aspen to get ready for the store. When that little lady came out of her room in this wonderful pink princess number, she held a face of satisfaction that far surpassed any of my accomplishments. She smiled ear to ear, her dimples a little deeper, and I was faced with a decision. I could turn her around and force her, probably kicking and screaming, to change into something else. Or I could just take my hand off the wheel and let it happen.

She had a million complements on her dress from shoppers. But what really mattered was how she felt inside. And there is something pretty special about letting your daughter look and feel like a princess. Even if it’s only the hardware store. And even if it goes against some silly promise you made to yourself before you honestly knew a thing about parenting.

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