It’s Silly, But It’s Also Exciting.

Mel and I met about 15 years ago at Lowe’s. She was the garden specialist and I was the assistant gardening manager. We were both management, so our relationship was a secret. Not that any of that lasted too long. Word got out within a few months and we both ended up quitting, and although we lost our jobs, we gained each other, so I feel the trade was in our favor.

During those first few months of us secretly dating, we would often sneak in between the rolls of fencing and make out. Nothing nasty really, just a quick few kisses when no one was around. There was something really exciting about the two of us sneaking into a corner, passionately kissing for a brief moment, and then walking out in different directions, both of us straightening our red vests and grinning and trying to act casual.

Here’s the thing, we now have three kids and a mortgage and college degrees. We both work and we both are up in the night with kids. Our lives are pretty predictable in the most exhausting way, and nothing now is exciting as those moments in fencing.

Sometimes, though, we stop by a Lowe’s without the kids, and we kiss between the rolls of fencing like we used to 15 years ago.

And naturally no one wants to see two mid 30-something parents kissing in a hardware store, so we wait until the coast is clear. And just for a moment, we feel like we did back in the beginning. Then we step away, casually smiling, hand in hand.

It’s silly, sure, but it’s also pretty exciting.

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