So Maybe I’m Cheap

90% of my furniture is made from particle board. Maybe 95%. I don’t want to say this is because I’m cheap. Mel and I got married while I was still in college. Once I finished she went back. We’ve been broke most of our marriage, so it’s always been Target/Walmart style furniture for over a
decade.Not that Mel hasn’t asked for nicer furniture, she has. And I’ve always kicked it down the road, as if what we owned wasn’t cracked, chipped, or slightly dysfunctional.

But the thing is, we’ve been better off financially in the past few years than we ever have, and yet I’ve kept buying the same old crap. And when I think about that, I realize I might (ok… I’m going to say it) be cheap.



Tell me I’m not alone. Tell me someone else in your life needs to suck it up and buy nicer things.

This is why when my buddy Lorenz asked if I wanted an unfinished bench/coffee table that was part of a new furniture line from Wood Castle, the company he works for, I jumped on it. I’m not very handy. I work in an office. I haven’t had a callous in years, but together with my kids, we sanded, stained, and put together this beautiful 50s style bench for my wife from Four Eyes Furniture’s designs.

(See below video for more)

It was pretty fun for all of us, and it made me feel more masculine than I’ve felt since that post high school job I had in a hardware store.

We surprised Mel with the bench as a family, and she was thrilled. It was something she always wanted next to the front door so people could take their shoes off.

I wanted to tell her I was sorry for not buying anything nice for, you know, all of our marriage, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

She asked if I made it, and I didn’t say “yes,” but I also didn’t say “no.” I just winked, as though there may be more to come.

I think I’m ready to change.

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