Why Mom Deserves Time Off

I’m home alone with all three kids. My wife, Mel, went to a women’s conference in the city with a group of friends. She spent the night.

Yesterday, after she left, I took all three kids (10,8, and 3) to Norah’s gymnastics practice. Tristan complained the whole time, the girls argued in the van over who knows what, and Aspen peed her pants twice in one hour.

It was difficult to tell the difference between bedtime and an exorcism, and EVERYONE, even the cat and dog, decided to get up an hour earlier than usual.

This afternoon, I’ll be taking all three kids to the store alone, and the fact is, I’ll be out numbered, so keep your eye on trending news. You might just read a story of a father of three beaten and overwhelmed by his own children in some sort of candy section mutiny.

But here’s the thing. Taking care of three children alone while my wife attends a conference sucks. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to go. In fact, it means she deserves to go more than I do. Whenever I leave town for work, she manages this group of wild honey badgers alone, same as I am right now. And let’s be honest, my job has taken me out of town far more than motherhood has taken her out of town.

But the fact is, mother’s deserve time where their children aren’t climbing on them, or tugging at them, or asking for them, or needing them. But a lot don’t get it, so they stay up late, after the kids go to bed, and enjoy a little touch free time.

It kind of sucks that mothers have to do that.

So I honestly hope Mel’s enjoying herself. I hope she’s chatting with friends and meeting new people, and watching shows without an animal protagonist. And when she comes home, I’ll be a little frazzled, same as she is every time I leave town for work. I’ll think about her contributions, and feel a little more grateful for them, and she will come home feeling like she did before motherhood.

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