What Happened When We Got A Dog

I’d like to start this post by admitting that I’m not a dog person. I don’t like the smell, or the poop, or the licks. All of it is uncomfortable.

So when my son started struggling with a dog phobia, we tried a few alternatives. We watched movies about dogs, read books about dogs, talked about dogs… We took him to the pound to meet dogs.

None of it worked.

Most of it freaked him out.

I honestly don’t know where the phobia came from, but what I do know is that he was terrified, and it was getting to the point that he wouldn’t go on family walks, ride his bike around the neighborhood, or visit family members with dogs. One day, while at soccer practice, a dog ran onto the field, and Tristan ran and hid in some bushes, crying the whole time.

It was then that we spoke with a friend of mine who’s a therapist, and he told me what I dreaded most: “Get a dog. It’ll fix the problem.”

We got him at the humane society. He was a rescue dog. The kids threw around a few names, everything from Sparky to Fart Squirrel, but eventually settled on Pikachu. Considering I didn’t care for dogs, and I hated Pokémon, I was pretty irritated by the whole situation.

We’ve had him for almost two weeks. Tristan loves him. He tells everyone about him. He’s over the dog fear already.

And me, well, I’ll admit… he loves me. He jumps in my lap. He whines when I don’t give him attention. There’s something about having Pikachu around that makes our home feel fuller. It feels warmer, like the dog filled some gap I never really noticed. And when I think about that, it feels like we got this dog to help my son with his fear of dogs, and ended up gaining another family member.

I know.

I just wrote that.

I hope you’re happy.


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