Because You’re A Good Daddy

Yesterday we fought over homework. We fought over cleaning up the living room. We fought over turning off the TV. We fought over whether or not her younger sister needed to pee. We even fought about how much cinnamon ought to be on her toast.

Half way through the day, I was pretty sure she hated me.

This is what I was afraid of when I found out we were having a little girl. I felt pretty underqualified.

Over the years, I have been pretty unsure about my relationship with this little lady. She has screamed at me in pitches so high, and so forceful, that I’m confident she broke sound barriers scientists have yet to discover. She’s slammed her bedroom door so many times that the doorframe is starting to push away from the wall, and she has looked at me with stone cold eyes that have, I kid you not, made me fear for my own life.

She’s a strong willed little lady that is growing into a strong willed woman. No doubt. And you know what, that’s great and all, but I’d rather her not be strong willed in every freaking grocery store.

So when she asked to snuggle with me yesterday, i looked at her with suspicion. Then I put down the laundry I was folding, and she crawled into my lap.

“What’s this all about?” I asked, and she said, “Because you’re a good daddy.”

I couldn’t help but smile. I mean, gosh, what father wouldn’t? Then I thought about how nervous I was in the beginning to have a girl. I thought about all the times I’ve wondered if I was doing it all wrong, and she was eventually going to hate me. Parenting little girls is a roller coaster for sure. But in this moment, I felt pretty confident that I was at least doing something right.

But here’s the deal. I honestly love her. And although I don’t try to pretend I understand her, I know that there is something special about who she is. I can see it.

And in moments like this, I know there is definitely something special about our relationship.

We sat there for awhile. Then she crawled off my lap and I went back to my laundry.

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