They say, It Goes By Fast. I Assume This Is What They Mean.

When Tristan first started playing soccer he looked like a bobble headed little boy chasing a ball. But now, he’s starting to look like a little athlete. He runs with confidence. He looks boys nearly twice his size in the face, runs straight at them, and takes the ball.

He still has the little boy smile, though. Still has the chubby cheeks, and that dorky little boy laugh. He’s in the middle right now, between being a boy and a man, and I can’t help but look at him and realize that we are closer to the end of his childhood than the beginning.

As a father, that’s a hard realization. He only hugs me in private now. He only cries when no one is looking, and he speaks with confidence about things he knows nothing about. I take what I can get when it come to snuggles, and I try hard to teach him right from wrong.

I’ll be honest, this picture makes me miss the little boy who used to obsess over Super Why! But it also makes me excited to see who he will become. I’m worried that I may have accidentally messed him up in some horrible way, while telling myself that I can’t be doing that bad because he still says, “I love you, dad.” Before bed.

They say, “it goes by fast.” I assume this is what they mean.
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