The Highlight Of My Week

This is me snuggling with my girls and watching My Little Pony on a Tuesday night. It’s not my favorite show, but that’s not the point.

When you’re a parent, there’s a hierarchy when it comes to what’s on the TV. If it’s a kid’s film, TV show, or something kid focused and trending on YouTube, rest assured, I’ve seen it. That is number one. My wife and I often watch a show after the kids go to bed, but it’s got to be something we can both agree on. This usually means we end up watching a romantic comedy. That’s number two. Getting something that I actually want to watch is pretty far down the list, coming in at number three. With working two jobs and being a father of three, I just don’t get all that much time to watch movies.

And I know there is some movie buff out there reading this who happens to be on the fence about having children, and they are thinking, “No way. I’m not giving that up.”

But let me tell you the bright side of all this, an honestly, there is one. My favorite thing to do is watch movies with my kids, and it’s not because of the movies. I don’t watch episode after episode of Pokémon because I’ve got to catch them all. And I didn’t watch Rio 2 because I love the sound track. I love watching movies with my kids because of snuggles.

There is something so warm and wonderful about having my littlest on my lap, and my two oldest snuggled up next to me, one in each arm. It’s probably the warmest feeling I’ve ever had in my heart, and it really only happens when watching movies with my kids.

Every Tuesday night Mel takes Tristan to Cub Scouts, and she does some work at the church. It’s just me and my girls. We watch My Little Pony. We talk about Apple Jack and Twilight Sparkle. I’m basically a bronie, now. We snuggle on the sofa. And while it’s only about 30 minutes, it easily the highlight of my week.

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