The Day My Toddler Pooped In The Backyard

Aspen (age 3) was playing in the backyard kid pool with her brother and sister while Mel and I did yard work. Somewhere between the wheelbarrow and the weeds, when my back was turned, she stripped naked and pooped in the backyard.

Our other kids were laughing.

I wasn’t.

I took her inside where she pooped again in the tub. Not as big as the first, but ultimately we have a no poop policy in both the backyard and the tub, so even a little is too much.

She didn’t feel bad about this at all. Not one little bit. At one point she laughed at me. But why would she feel bad? Ultimately it was my problem.

It’s cleaned up now, so I’m eating animal crackers. I needed something to ease the pain. They were on the table.

Don’t judge.

She asked me for some animal crackers. I said, “No,” but I eventually caved.

 Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 8.14.15 AM
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