One Of Those Days

It’s been one of those days. Mel went shopping. Costco, grocery store, Walmart… I was home alone with the kids. Aspen (3) was basically a psycho. She’s in that stage where she doesn’t need a nap, but wants a nap. When she takes a nap, she’s up until midnight, but when she doesn’t get one, everyones life is hell.

She didn’t nap today.

Mel came home well after dinner time, so we had Kid Cuisine TV dinners. This isn’t an every meal thing. More of a I-can’t-do-it-anymore-to-hell-with-it kind of meals.

Aspen wouldn’t eat hers, so I did. They are not what I remembered. Not at all. More like cardboard flavored chicken. Probably going to be sick.

End to a perfect day.

But I suppose parenting is like this sometimes. It’s not always snuggles. Sometimes it’s trying hard not to pull your hair out. Sometimes it means cutting corners by making TV dinners, only to have the kids complain. Then you end up eating it and understanding why.

After the kids are in bed I’ll eat a sleeve of Oreos.

Maybe two.

Then, tomorrow , I’ll try again.


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