First Trip To The Emergency Room

This little lady had her first trip to the ER. She was jumping on the bed and smacked her lip on the dresser. It bled a lot, but ultimately didn’t need stitches. However, that’s not why I’m telling you all this. What I want to talk about is God. I’m a religious man, and I assumed that God would bless us with an easy child for our third, and final kid.

But no.

He gave us, more or less, a wild raccoon with pigtails. While at the ER, she was climbing on the furniture, tugging over chairs. Basically being that embarrassing child that causes strangers to frown. Obviously she didn’t learn a thing from smacking her lip.

The next day, she broke our TV with a water bottle. She the kid running to the front of the chapel to slam her hands down on the organ keys. She’s the one punching her older brother in the face and making him cry.

I mean, I love her. But honestly, if she’d been my first kid, I’d have seriously reconsidered having any more children, which would have ultimately been a shame because I love all of my kids.

But when I think about that, I suppose it all makes sense. Perhaps I was meant to have all three of these little people and God just knew that if he sent down the wild child first, I’d throw in the towel on the rest.

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