Want To Turn Your Facebook Photos Into A Beautiful Photo Album? Here’s How.

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Shortcake is an album design service that turns your existing social media content and photos into printed keepsake albums. How cool is that?


Here’s how it works. You pick out the album design you like, then, together with a Shortcake designer, you pick a theme (Mel and I picked our kids’ baby years), your beautiful photos, and comments from friends, to create an album that actually sits on your coffee table. Unlike your Facebook photos, this album can be mailed to a grandparent, or… get this… wrapped and given as a gift.

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For those of us that grew up before social media, photo albums used to be a real, tangible, thing. But now showing family photos is about passing your phone around, or scrolling through someone’s Facebook profile. And as awesome as that is (I’m a blogger. I love social media), there is still something about having an actual, printed, photo album. This is part of the reason I was so eager to partner with Shortcake.


I miss having a book of pictures. I miss flipping through pages and memories.

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But the cool thing about Shortcake is that they combine a little bit of both the online world (comments from friends) with photos of your children.


This service is affordable (albums start at $139), easy, and very professional. It’s a great way to capture special images, comments, dates, and more, automating the time-intensive process of documenting and preserving all your family’s events and special moments.


Shortcake does most of the work. All Mel and I had to do was pick out the theme and design. We had the ultimate say in how the album turned out, and now that it’s printed and sitting on my table, I can’t stop flipping through the pages and gushing over my kids’ baby years.


They have gift cards available (husbands… this is THE gift. Trust me. It’s personal and really easy. Mel loved it! Just get her a gift card and let Shortcake do the rest). I honestly highly recommend this service (www.shortcakeinc.com)


And here’s the really cool part. I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Shortcake. Like this Facebook post AND tag someone who really should buy you a Shortcake album for your chance to win!


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