Conversations I’ve had with my kids about changes in technology

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I have three kids under 9 years old, and I’ve had a lot of conversations with them about the progression of technology. Every time I do, though, they make me feel like I came to America aboard the Mayflower. Here are a few examples.

Me: I didn’t have a cell phone growing up. I don’t see why you need one.

Kid: How did you text people?

Me: I didn’t. Well… I did send post cards (I explain postcards).



Kid: Did you have YouTube when you were a kid?

Me: Nope.

Kid: what did you watch?

Me: TV.

Kid: How did you get better at Minecraft?

Me: we didn’t have Minecraft.

Kid: (mind blown)


Kid: I’ll bet you rode horses all the time when you were a kid.

Me: Are you saying that I’m old enough for horses to have been my primary form of transportation. Like as in, I am older than cars?

Kid: Yup.


Kid: What does hang up the phone mean?

Me: Old phones used to have a receiver with a cradle and a cord and when you were done with the call, you’d hang them up…

Kid: (asks a million questions.)

Kid: (gets more confused.)

Me: (looks up video on YouTube of someone using a phone.)


Me: I didn’t use Facebook until I was in my 20s.

Kid: Because you didn’t like it?

Me: Because it wasn’t invented yet.

Kid: You are really, really, really, old.


Me: When I was a kid we couldn’t look things up on smart phones.

Kid: Why?

Me: Because we didn’t have smart phones. In fact, we didn’t even have cell phones. All phones were attached to the wall.



Me: Why are you looking at me like I belong in a museum?


When have your kids made you feel old?


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