We are going on a fabulous vacation!

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Last week Mel and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. It’s crazy to think about that. Mel has put up with my crap for this long. Ha! But seriously, we really do love each other. But we’ve always had a problem with our anniversaries. They never seem to be all that awesome. Sometimes Mel was very pregnant, or we’d just had a child. For the first 7 years of our marriage I was in school. Even our honeymoon was in the middle of a semester. We timed it over fall break. For some reason we assumed that our anniversary would always fall during fall break. We were wrong. In future years it always seemed to fall during testing time. We’ve moved around a lot, and we didn’t always feel like we knew someone well enough to ask them to watch our kids for an extended amount of time. Often times it was everything we could do just to go out to dinner.


But not this time!


Earlier this year I took a new job. During the transition, I ended up being paid a lump sum. My old job was a 9-month contract, and so part of my paycheck was withheld during the school year to pay my salary over the summer. My new job is a 12-month contact, so all that money they were withholding was sent to me in a check.


Mel and I looked at the amount for some time. Then I said, “We can do a few things with this. We can pay some bills. We can save it. Or we can blow it on a fabulous vacation.”


Long story short, we are going on a Caribbean cruise!


And get this… with NO KIDS!!!


We are dropping those little people off with Mel’s amazing family.


I will keep you all updated via Facebook and Twitter with pictures of our adventures. I might still talk about my new book from time to time.


However, I will not be nearly as active on the blog as usual for the next couple weeks.


I hope you understand.


Honestly, I am just thrilled to finally spend some time with Mel.





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