“This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”- Book Release


Buckle up, Friends! The time has come!


This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Is Now Live! (Tell your friends! No… seriously!)


This is the official book release.


E-book $2.99 (Cheaper than a combo meal!)


Print $8.99 (Still very affordable!)


Here are a few of the nice things people have been saying…


“This guy gets it!”

-Good Morning America


“Clint is one of my favorite dad voices today … He’s the perfect combination of LOL funny, completely relatable and down to earth. There’s nobody else quite like him!”

– Jill Smokler, Scary Mommy


“Clint Edwards brings real humor to the unsavory parts of childcare…”

– Eli Epstein, Mashable


“I always know, when I’m about to read a piece by Clint, that I’ll end up nodding my head in agreement…”

– Amy Joyce, The Washington Post


“Clint Edwards writes about fatherhood in a way that is refreshingly self-deprecating and brilliantly honest. With views on parenting that are often off-beat and unconventional, Clint’s work emanates a genuine warmth, enthusiasm and most of all, an unshakeable dedication to being the best father he can be.”

– Grace Koelma, Kidspot


Daddy-blogger Edwards (Love & Profanity, 2015) grew up mostly without a father, so (as he explains on his website) he has no idea what he’s doing raising the son and two daughters he has with his loving and ever patient wife, Mel. The truth, of course, is that no parent knows what he or she is doing—not even Mel—and that’s part of the fun as well as the horror. The short chapters, many inspired by Edwards’ blog posts, either recount specific stories from the front lines (“The Day We Caught Our Kids Looking At Their Butt Holes,” “She Sent Me to the Store for Feminine Hygiene Products”) or take the form of lists—numbered observations, warnings, or words of wisdom (“5 things I Never Should Have Said To My Pregnant Wife,” “10 Contradictions That Make Me Want to Run From My Minivan And Into The Woods”). Edwards is invariably funny, wry, and self-deprecating. Parenting and marriage, as he describes them, are humbling, in both the worst (lots of poop and vomit) and best (personal growth) ways. The chapter that best illustrates this is the one titled “I Thought My Wife Was Crazy. Turns Out She Was Pregnant,” which begins somewhat like a vaguely snide stand-up routine about hormones but evolves into a more nuanced and thoughtful place: “It’s only when I think back on these moments that I realize something had taken over my body, also.” It’s not the funniest chapter in the book—though it is funny—but it’s where its emotional core lies… overall, this is an entertaining, open-hearted, and at times laugh-out-loud hilarious take on family life from the perspective of a hands-on dad and husband.

– Kirkus Reviews

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