Things that have changed between my first kid and my third

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I have three kids ages 1, 6, and 8. Over the years, I’ve made some changes as a parent. With the first child, I was really anxious about keeping my kids alive and making sure they were presentable. Things have changed now. Here are a few examples.



I used to make sure my kid looked cute, now I’m just happy if my kids are dressed.


I used to get worked up about my kid eating dirt, now I just make sure it’s not dog poop, and wonder if I can get away with not feeding them lunch.


I used to ask neighbors to be quiet while the baby’s sleeping, now I just cry along with them.


I used to know where ALL my child’s shoes were.


I used to ask questions like, “What smells?” and, “Why is this sticky?” Now I don’t ask these questions because they have no answers.


I used to cram my kid in a car and make fun of minivans. Now I drive a minivan and wonder why parents with cars hate themselves.


I used to make sure my kid only watched educational programming. Now I hand over the remote so I can take a nap.


I used to argue, but now I realize that arguing with my children is the first step towards failure.


I used to keep my kid from eating things off the floor. Now I only stop that sort of thing when other people are looking.


I used to tell my kid that I loved him every day. I still do that.



How have things changed for you?

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