This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: an update

Hey, readers!
Last October I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to
publish the funniest collection of essays on parenting and marriage ever
produced titled, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”
Well… I just got that sucker back from the editor. I am
going to have to spend the next couple weeks going through the edits and making
the suggested changes. This means I will not be posting as often as usual for a
little while (probably only once or twice a week). I hope you understand. And I
hope you won’t forget about me.
On a side note, this project is taking MUCH longer than I
anticipated. I’d just like to say to those who so kindly backed my project… I
love you! Thank you for your patience. This is the first time I’ve ever self
published a book, and it has been a real learning experience.

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Clint Edwards was blessed with a
charming and spitfire wife, a video game obsessed little boy, a snarky
little girl in a Cinderella play dress, and an angry baby girl. When Clint was 9-years-old his father
left. With no example of fatherhood, he had to learn how to be a father and
husband through trial and error. His work has been featured in Good
Morning America
, The New York Times,
Washington Post
, The
Huffington Post
, Scary
, The Good
Men Project
, Fast
, and elsewhere. He lives in Oregon. Follow him on Facebook and


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  • Michael Spino

    Take your time on the edits, (us) backers always appreciate a quality project over a rushed one. My last backed project took over a year beyond the stated delivery date. Thanks for the update!