10 Strange kids confessions

My kids (8, 5, and 10 months) have made some strange confessions
over the years. They are usually a mix of experimentation and curiosity that
generate odd unexplained actions. Most of these confessions are awkward,
hilarious, and concerning, and they always leave me confused as to how to
proceed as a parent.
Here are a few examples. I have removed names to protect the
Kid: I really like smelling the baby’s poo.
Me: That’s gross.
Kid: (confused face)
Kid: Buttholes make me laugh. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Me: Please put some clothes on.
Kid: Why do I have to wear clothes? Clothes are stupid.
Me (hand on brow): I just want you to have a job someday.
Kid: I scratched my butt. Then I picked my nose and it
smelled like poo, so I washed my hands.
Me: Good call.
Kid: The baby’s boogers taste better than mine.
Me: Go brush your teeth.
Kid: I love mom more than dad because dad smells like a dad
and that’s icky, but mom smells like a mom.
Me: That actually makes a lot of sense.
Kid: If you didn’t make me change my socks, I’d never change
my socks.
Me: Go change your socks.
Kid: I like to eat eggs because they make my burps taste
Me: I just want you to get married someday. Not today. But
Kid: Have you ever jumped on the bed while naked? Because I
Me (wink at wife): That does sound fun.
Kid: I dropped my toothbrush behind the toilet, but it’s
okay I just used it.
Me (gagging):
Kid: What’s wrong?
Me: Just let me sit down.
What are some of the strange things your kids have confessed?
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