29 of the Craziest things YOU have done while up with a baby

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I posted a list of crazy things I’ve said while up in the
night with a baby on Scary Mommy. The list went viral and the comments were
hilarious. Here are some of my favorites.
I asked my husband if he had a c-section too….I
also woke him up numerous times during the night asking where the baby was when
she was sleeping soundly next to me…
I told my husband one night ” I need to use the
If you don’t go back to sleep I’m sending you to
grandma’s until your 5.
I yelled at my sleeping husband, “Maybe if you’d
fed her more the FIRST time, she would’ve slept longer!” And proceeded to
angrily shuffle back across the house. I breastfeed.
I have told my hubby “it’s your turn” & he
says “um, my boobs don’t work”.
I remember shrieking “WHY DO I HAVE TO DO
IT!!!!” And he just blinked at me in silence.
I saw a picture on the internet once that got
tons of bad comments because a mom had duct taped the baby’s binky to its
mouth. I now know what it’s like to fight that urge myself.
My husband was holding our youngest and I tried
to put the pacifier in his mouth instead of the babies.
I’m gonna throw you away because you’re broken!
10. “What
is your major malfunction?!” That’s right, I quoted Full Metal Jacket to my
beautiful baby girl.
11. “Lily!
You have to be quiet! The walkers are going to get us!
12. I
remember nursing my baby in bed, a few weeks old at the most, and my husband
was sleeping next to me. I got so mad he was sleeping I woke him up- I just
yelled, ‘if I can’t sleep- you can’t sleep!’ I was so exhausted! Poor guy!
13. I
was so sleep deprived with my first I started muttering at 2am “this is not my
baby, someone took my baby”. My husband thought I had cracked up. I probably
14. I
just gave birth 4 days ago and every night I find myself singing “the number of
the day” from Sesame Street. Every single night… The number is 3.
15. “I’m
gonna change you, so stop freaking out. Stop freaking out or I will change you
into a whole new baby!”
16. I
sent angry text messages to husband at 4am threatening to murder him for
sleeping peacefully while I was up all night for three months.
17. I
told my sleeping, snoring husband one night on the fifth wake up call from our
darling breastfed baby and in a batshit crazy housewife whisper, “I’m going go
smother you in your sleep.”
18. I
walked into our room and, after an especially long, failed attempt to get my
first son to sleep, I said to my husband, ‘I need you to take him from me NOW,
or one of us is going out the window…’
19. I
don’t remember saying anything but one time I laid her on the couch to go to
the bathroom and sat on her when I came out.
20. I
once whispered to my 3-week-old baby ” please stop crying or I’ll put you
outside with the pumpkins and the deer will eat you!” So apparently deer are
21. Husband
was walking out the he door said to me “the baby is crying’”..my response….”I
know, I’m gonna eat her in a minute!”..
22. “Why
are you doing this to me if I love you, whyyyyy?!”
23. I
asked my partner where the other baby was and accused him of losing it. There
was only one baby.
24. Last
week I asked my husband if he needed a stool softener in my sleep. I’ve been
taking them like candy lately.
25. There’s
no ketchup in the house?! How can I raise a baby if I can’t even keep ketchup
in the house!!!
26. “Stop
screaming at my nipple, it’s right there.”
27. “Lily,
if you don’t stop crying the Goblin king is going to come get you and I’m not
good at mazes”.
28. My
baby had been in the hospital for 6 days. I was afraid to put him down because
I was worried they would do something and I wouldn’t know. I didn’t have anyone
there with me so I could sleep. On day five a doctor was trying to talk to me
but I was literally trying so hard to wake up enough that all I could do was
blurt out, “Sheep tits.” I have no reference point in my life to even guess why
I had that combination of words stored.
29. I
told my then-9-month-old daughter I would love her forever no matter what, but
I’d buy her a pony if she would just go the f’ck to sleep.
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  • S.b.k.v.S.

    Oh, I'm crying with laughter. I suffered from no 23 for at least three months with my never-sleeping first born. And if I didn't wake up thinking "the other baby" was crying I'd wake up thinking she was buried and suffocating under my duvet.