23 The Foulest things YOU have done as parents

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Parents do some nasty things while raising kids. But I
didn’t realize just how nasty until I posted this question on my Facebook fan
page, “What is the foulest thing you’ve had to
do as a parent?” I read through all the responses, and let’s just say you are
all solders. Below are a few of the really nasty ones.
Clean poop out from the bottom of my
fingernails. Didn’t realize I missed a spot and thought there was a piece of
food underneath it and used my teeth to get it out….
dog pooped on the floor and the crawling baby found it – and ate some of it –
before I found out.
day at the park. Held my (at the time) 6-month-old above me playing airplane
and singing to him. He puked in my mouth. I then proceeded to throw up on the
grass, the smell upset my oldest stomach and he puked all over the front of him
and me. He had to walk two blocks home like that…
have been nit picking all day. Lice!!!! In all 3 of my girls hair! Not how I
wanted to spend my five days off.
up my daughters poop in a friend’s toilet because it was sooo huge it wouldn’t
go down. We did it discreetly w/ a pencil.
poop out of the knobs of my brand new surround sound receiver.
took my one year olds diaper off right before bath, he took off naked to my
living room pooped on my floor, got it on his hands and touched the knobs on
the receiver. I used q-tips to clean it out. It was a Bose too! Smh!
son came by my bed in the middle of the night. He said his stomach hurt. Before
I could get up he started throwing up. I pulled him into bed to let him throw
up all over me. I figured the bed and I were easier to clean than the carpet.
stimulation.. Aka Helping baby poop.
10. Pull a hard poop out of babies butt. It
got stuck half way out.
11. Fishing tub toys and a kid out of a tub
full of floating poop.
12. Getting puked on in the middle of a
restaurant. It keeps coming so I try to run to the bathroom, but end up leaving
a trail of vomit along the way. Get my son all cleaned up and changed. I take
my shirt and bra off and zip up my jacket, since they are covered in barf. Go
back to the table and our food has finally arrived, and the waitress had put
our dinner right next to a puddle of vomit.
13. My daughter decided to rip off her
diaper and her poop went on the floor …it was that rabbit poop type….my son
was crawling and found it. Yep. He put it in his mouth…had to fish it out.
14. After my son woke up from his nap (or
so I thought he had slept) he proceeds to inform me that he “swallowed
money’s from his new coin jar”. I ran to check his coin jar and sure
enough $1.70 was missing. Called the pediatrician who told us to catch every
bowel movement and pick out all the coins until every last one was accounted
for. That evening after work my husband was watching the kids while I went to a
meeting. The look on his face was priceless when I gave him the instructions
from the Pediatrician. His response, “do I have to do that too?”
15. Watching my son pee on his face &
in his mouth while I used a diaper to catch the projectile blowout coming out
the other end!! Super Gross!!!
16. I had to hold my daughter down while an
ER Doctor cleared an impacted bowel.
17. Hold a puke bucket for my 5 year old
while breastfeeding a newborn baby. Multitasking.
18. Plucking poopy baby wipes out of the
clogged toilet filled with poo! Thanks son. LOL!
19. I was always anti play place areas.
They seem so gross to me. So my son up to age 4 had never been in one Then at a
family event my husband gave him the go. And the first and only time he went
into one, he came out covered in someone else’s puke.
20. My son stuck tissues up his nostrils
when he was about 18 months old. There was so much up there we couldn’t get it
out. As it was in the evening we had to go to the hospital. The nurse said I
needed to give him mouth to mouth and a sharp blow. It worked, but when we
looked up, the gooey snot ball had landed on the nurse’s hand!!! I could have
21. Watch the movie my husband took of my
c-section. I asked him to film the baby and he thought I meant the procedure as
well. The doctor was literally pumping my stomach to get the baby out.
22. Had to politely ask company to leave
after going to check in on my 1 & 2 yr old boys who were tucked neatly into
bed/crib since they shared a room. Yup, they were quiet alright. The 2-year-old
helped remove the 1-year-old’s diaper, which was conveniently full of crap, and
they proceeded to paint the bedroom.

We tore out carpet that evening. That’s the night my
boys learned the word “shit” because…If it’s not in a toilet or a
diaper, it means I have to clean it up. If I have to clean it up, I’m not using
Mommy-talk…I’m calling it what it is….SHIT.
23. My then 6 no old daughter sneezed just
before the diaper went up and a substance similar to thin, sticky guacamole, shot
out her rear and onto my forearm!

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