Sometimes Kids Are Gross



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A message to
prospective parents.
Someday your kids will discover that if they spit on their
palm, wedge their hand in their armpit, and flap their elbow, it makes a fart
sound. I’m sorry.
A blowout is when your child releases more poop than what a diaper
can hold. After you experience a blow out, you will start to consider your baby
to be a ticking time bomb that could, at any moment, overflow with bubblin’ crude.
You and your spouse will refer to a blowout as a “Code Brown.”
Every time I shampoo my carpets I wonder why rental owners
contradict themselves by having a “no pets” policy, but not a “no kids” policy.
Your kids will fart on you. Regularly. They will think it’s
hilarious. You will not.
One day you will be taking a bath and your six-year-old son
and four-year-old daughter will come storming in. You will ask them about their
day, school work, and friends: that sort of thing. And as they chat with you,
it will become quickly apparent that they are not making eye contact, but
rather staring at your genitals. You will ask them to look you in the eyes, and
they will for a moment, but slowly their gaze will drift down, making things awkward,
and you will realize that their innocence has been lost. When you ask them to
leave, they will refuse. It will be then that you will start to lock the
bathroom door.
If you have a baby boy, just assume that at least once while
changing his diaper he will shoot pee onto your face, or into your mouth.
Your toddler will root around your backseat for old food
(dried up fruit snacks, moldy fruit, stale bread, that sort of thing). One day
they will find a rock hard, dusty, and a little bit hairy half eaten stick of
string cheese, pop it in their mouth, and tell you how yummy it is.
Your son will go more than a week wearing the same pair of underwear.
Once you discover this, you will use force to remove the underwear from him (he
will refuse to change them himself). The smell from his crotch will be spectacular,
and the skids in his underwear will be worthy of the Indianapolis 500.
One day your three-year-old daughter will poop in the tub.
You will naively pull the plug under the assumption that it will just go down
the drain. It will not. To remedy the problem you will need a lot of paper
towels and some bleach.
One of your children will wipe their ass with their hand.
Once again, I’m sorry.
You will one day be at a park and your five-year-old son
will need to pee. No restrooms will be in sight, and no one will be around, so
you will allow him to pee on a tree. This will cause him to become confused as
to when and where to urinate, and result in a several months of him freely
peeing in the backyards of friends and family.

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Clint Edwards is a tutor coordinator at Oregon State University. He is
also the former co-host of the Weekly Reader on KMSU and a graduate of
the MFA program at Minnesota State University. His writing has been
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